Thursday, March 30, 2017

Finishing out my 2015 scrapbooks!

Finally I am calling my 2015 scrapbooks done!  Of course I could always do more and still have photos but I am ready to move on to another project.   Here are the last of layouts to finish out the books.  Now I need to print out photos, lot of photos.  I hope to work on Allisons PreK album (before she finishes Kindergarten), Disney and then start in on my 2016 scrapbooks.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

This weeks layouts

Love this girl to pieces.  When she was learning to ride the 4 wheeler she was so slow and steady, it was so cute.  Unlike Ashley who seems to be a speed demon.

 This one is so brave, she got her ears pierced for her 5th birthday and there were no tears!!
According to Megan, after this years water park adventure, it's time to move on.  This place is ideal to get out all the energy and wear out all the kiddos.  Plus it is only 3 feet deep pretty much everywhere and the kids can run on their own without us having to go everywhere with them.  We might have to bribe Megan to like it again.
I am getting so close to being done with my 2015 pictures and I am definitely ready to move on from layouts to something more fun, maybe a Disney album!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Even more layouts

 Just a quick check in to post what I finished last week.  The lake had a rough ride in 2015, it got crazy high the fourth of July weekend for storms and again in December/January.  I have been going to the lake all my life and never saw it this high.  It was pretty cool to visit Bagnell Dam and see all the flood gates open and the water just pouring out.
 Ashley learned to ski this summer!!!
Ashley started serving at our church, what a great way for our kids to learn service.  She has served quite a few times since and even has served with our bishop.

Friday, February 3, 2017

This weeks layouts

In 2015 I did not do a December Daily,  I had completed one the past three years and was ready for a break.  So I actually got to do some Christmas layouts to put in my yearly albums, simple but quick.

Sisters!  These two do not get along, I hope it means they will love each other when they are older.  It drives me batty how much they fight. I am constantly separating them or telling them to stop.  For hating each other I do have lots of photos of them together.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

more 2015 layouts

A bunch of one page layouts done quickly and without much embellishments.  But I got them done and in the books. I am ready to move on from layouts for a little bit and into Allison Pre-K album.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Even more layouts

 I have had these photos along with this recipe in my to do pile for a long time.  I finally had some papers that worked with them!  David is carrying on his grandfathers tradition of pancakes and gets multiple requests for them all year long.
 Remember Archivers?  This is a free kit I got for attending a crop.  I am pulling out my old stash and busting it.  It think it turned out great!

 Another Scrapbook Generation kit with some Allison and Mom photos.  I love that kiddo.
Allison's bestie from when she was a baby until she left Goddard at 4.  Mia and Allison took a gymnastics class last school year so that they could continue to see each other.  We tried to get them in dance together this year but our schedules just couldn't match up.  Allison still gets to see Mia at church and I think they will be friends forever.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

More layouts

I have been busy cranking out more layouts.  I am really trying to keep these simple and use up some product I have laying around.  Must finish 2015 so I can move on to more exciting things!
Canning green beans is a full day job.  All the picking, cleaning, snapping, packing and pressure cooking takes time but we love the reward of enjoying those garden green beans all year long!

This kit was from when I started scrapbooking in 2003, so glad that I finally used it!  My finished layout looks nothing like the kit but I used all the paper and embellishments so I consider that an accomplishment.  Supplies used!

A free layout kit (who am I kidding I had to spend $25 to get it for free) from Scrapbook Generation made this layout so quick to pull together.