Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bagnell Dam Scrapbook Page

I needed to use my March Studio Calico Neverland kit so I pushed it around for awhile and finally came up with this layout.  I used this layout for inspiration.  I haven't been doing many layouts lately and I miss it.  I have been working on documenting our month of March with the project life system.  I only do one month a year...now I know why :)

Looking at this layout here I think I am going to add some journaling about how Bagnell Dam powers St. Louis to pull in why I used the city skyscraper paper.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Allison - 28 months

An all week layout from last week, a little one night then some more, tweek a little and finally done!  I used my Studio Calico March kit Neverland.

Since this layout features Allison I thought I would do a little update on her, its been awhile.
  • Talking all the time and her vocabulary is awesome
  • Calls Ashley "Ash E" no L sound
  • If you ask her a question she will say ummm multiple times like she is trying to decide what to do
  • Says please and thank you without too much prompting
  • Will say bless you if you sneeze
  • Loves working puzzles
  • Loves books
  • Always needs a bankE (blanket)
  • Sleeping in a big girl bed
  • Goes to bed with out a fight and pretty much stays in her bed all night
  • Loves her milk
  • Sings Old Mac Donald, Ring Around the Rosie
  • Singing her ABCs but not all the way there yet
  • Trying to count to 10
  • Knows some colors, especially blue
  • Not interested in potty training
  • Champ at throwing fits, lays down and starts to pout
  • If someone farts she will blame it on everyone (Daddy fart, Mommy fart, Trinity fart, Ashley fart)
All I know is this little girl has stole our hearts.  We love her to pieces.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Currently: March

Watching: Argo and Flight (both great movies!)

Reading:  The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini (I am 10 years late to this party, but someone recently recommended it and I figured why not, great read so far)

Listening:  David correcting Ashley for saying Mama and Dada for the millionth time

Making:  Project Life for the month of March!

Feeling:  Happy that Ashley's Girl Scout Troop sold all their extra cookies this weekend

Planing:  Spring Break at the end of the month!

Loving:  Thin Mints!