Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lily pad

A real quick layout using my Studio Calico March kit Office Hours and this layout by Janel Paris for inspiration.

Ahh the lily pad.  The kids love it!  Thanks Tom and Tonya for keeping the kids entertained when we cove out at the lake!  I have even seen a few adults try to run across it...quite entertaining.  The adults slowly melt into it and hardly make it to the end.  The kids just breeze right over and it makes a great jumping off platform too. Now if Allison could get up there all by herself life would be even better!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

As we speak,


  • Is going through RICA to become Catholic
  • Loves flying RC planes and recently built a drone
  • Wants to print everything with his 3D printer

  • Is almost 40 (eek)
  • Is planning a party in Veags for said birthday
  • Loves to have free time to read and scrapbook

  • Tells everyone she has a kitty
  • Never stops singing or talking
  • Says "I don't like that" to any food set in front of her

  • Is celebrating her 8th birthday this week
  • Has her 3rd loose tooth
  • Put the Lego set she got for her birthday together in a day

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Water Park

A quick share today of my most recent layout using my Studio Calico February kit Sugar Rush and this layout out by Annas as inspiration.  I am calling this kit done and moving onto my March kit!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Garden Girls

Ahh its almost garden time....the seedlings have been planted and are growing surprisingly well!  The girls absolutely love to help David in the garden.  In these photos they were helping harvest carrots.

I used my Studio Calico February kit Sugar Rush and the one page sketch in Scrapbook Generations March issue of Create Magazine.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


How can you not look at this picture and just be happy. Those girls sure were!  I used my Studio Calico February kit Sugar Rush and this great layout by Deb Duty for inspiration.  This picture has me longing for warm days so we can get outside and play.  Yesterday and today have been in the 60s and we spent ever second outside after school/work yesterday!

Friday, March 7, 2014

More Layouts

I've been scrapbooking every night this week!  This group of papers I picked up from my local store on Saturday because I knew what pictures I wanted to use it with.  I got started on it right away, again I love when that happens!  This one feels a little unfinished but I am calling it good for now and may go back and add to it later.

The other layout I did last night used my January Studio Calico kit Copper Mountain.  This one lets me move onto my February kit!  I just hope I can be like Dave's Uncle Scott and ski on my 60th Birthday.  Amazing!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I was at my local scrapbook store this weekend for a super savers class and had to do some shopping.  I saw this great line Homemade with Love by Carta Bella and knew immediately what picture I wanted to use.  I love when that happens.  This layout pretty much did itself over the past two nights.

Jamie (my mother in law) loved loved loved to cook.  Some of my favorite memories of her revolve around food.  The kitchen was always the room to be in when Jamie was around.  She also got great joy out of cooking for others, I think it was her most favorite part.  She loved a party when all the guests would clean up all the food, she loved to have guest at her house so she could cook a big breakfast, she volunteered her time and kitchen for her church luncheons and so much more.  Basically she was always cooking!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

The annual Easter egg hunt in our backyard last year.  A layout with my Studio Calico January kit Copper Mountain.  I am still playing catch up with my kits I need to move onto my February kit before March arrives soon on my doorstep. I used a Debbie Sanders sketch that was in the Scrapbook Generation's February issue of CREATE magazine, a free monthly digital magazine.

Currently: March 2014

Watching: New TV is on after the Olympics!!! (Blacklist, Parenthood, Survivor)

Reading:  Zoo by James Patterson
                  Just Finished:   The Fault in our Stars by John Green (not sure what the hype is about, it was just okay)

Listening: My girls singing ALL.THE.TIME

Making:  Layouts, but I need some time to finish up some minis that are halfway done

Feeling:  Excited for Leann and her family moving back to the States!

Planing: Ashley's First Communion attire

Loving: That I just sold at job at work! (like the phone rang while I was typing this)