Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Second Child Syndrome

Most of you all know we are expecting!

I already feel like a slacker with this baby, I blogged almost every week from the beginning with Ashley and here I am 25 weeks prego and I am just now getting around to mentioning it on the ol' blog.

In general I am feeling good, glad to be past the first trimester and the morning sickness. I haven't had many crazy food cravings; loving fish, cheery lime-aids and shakes (which are all carry overs from Ashley's pregnancy). The baby and I are measuring big already even though I have not gained very much weight. But just to be safe I have tried to cut down on my carbs/sugars so I pass my glucose test in two weeks. Keep your fingers crossed.

I did not find out what we are having (beside one healthy baby) at either of my two ultrasounds, but Dave knows. He really really wanted to know so I let him find out the sex of the baby. I have not really bugged him to spill the beans (because I am okay with not knowing) but everyone else sure is pressuring him to tell. Especially Ashley, she promises she can keep a secret (yeah right).

We are excited, I can't believe I am three months away from having a new baby. It goes by so slow but then again so fast.


It has been a long long time since I have scrapbooked. We have been spending every free weekend at the Lake and definitely no scrapbooking gets done there. But this weekend we stayed in town to hopefully welcome our new niece (who waited to appear until yesterday) and I got to crop at Archivers!
This one is not quite done, I thought I had some Disney paper at home I could add to spruce it up but I could not find any. So it might just have to stay this way.

This page is from a Studio Calico class we took at Creating Keepsakes Convention. My first time misting!

Another Studio Calico CKC class layout that went together in minutes.
Love this place and Ashley asks about going back all the time. It makes me sad to think I am scrapbooking a year behind (so let's not think about that).

Ahh the ladies partying New Years Weekend. I love all these girls to death and (BIG AND) I get to see them all again this weekend!!!! I can not wait! There might even be a return visit to Hollywood Dolly's!!!
One of many float trip layouts. I do so many it seems like I should be running out of ideas! This time only the guys made it onto to the layout, trying to change things up a bit.

Testing 1 2 3 Testing

Is there anyone out there?

P.S. I might have scrapbooked this weekend and have something to actually blog about.

Well truthfully there is LOTS to blog about; babies, moving, etc.