Friday, September 30, 2011

Allison 11 months

  • Points at everything
  • Loves to hang upside down
  • Loves to escape during diaper changes
  • Laughs like crazy when you pinch her naked butt while escaping
  • Loves to eat (loves her Mum Mums) not real picky
  • Will try to climb out of the highchair to get to food (no patience waiting for it to cool down)
  • Only nursing morning and night
  • Started the month with not liking formula or milk
  • Drinking milk with yogurt mixed in from a sippy
  • Had a rough beginning of the month with dropping the feedings and a cold
  • Blowing lots of raspberries
  • Loves her big sister
  • Loves Trinity (smiles when she gets to pet her)
  • Standing alone
  • I have seen her take one or two steps here and there
  • Climbing stairs and loves it
  • Big ol belly
  • Will imitate brushing her hair, talking on the phone
This photo was impossible to get, it's not perfect but it is the best I could get by myself.  Allison thought it was pretty funny and was giggling like crazy plus she would not sit still.  I can not believe my baby is almost a year, time flies!  We sure do love her lots!


I was getting the scrapping itch last night.  If it has been a week since I scrapped I definitely start to feel the pull to do something. I whipped this layout up real quick last night with my September Studio Calico kit Glee Club.  Megan is already two so I am glad that I got this one done.

I hope everyone has a great World Card Making day this weekend.  I will be at my LSS making these.

Monday, September 26, 2011

New phone

I got a new phone this weekend and testing it out to see if I can post directly to my blog.  If this works you might just get to see some real time posts!

Monday, September 19, 2011

12x12 scrapbookin

I have been trying to finish my Colorado vacation album... the one that I am doing all 12x12.  I'm almost done, I have one two pager to do and then the last page.  I hope to be done this week or next (hear that Susan :) ).  I'm new at photographing these to be able to share, not to bad for my first try.  I used Allison Davis sketches for both (this album is pretty much all her sketches). I also used my Studio Calico August Glee Club kit for the Fun City layout.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


A quick one I did last night with a free kit that I won on Basic Grey's new blog

Monday, September 5, 2011


I did this last week but am just now getting it up. We had a busy weekend with Dave's parents at The Lake. It was hot and over 90 degrees on Saturday and cool, breezy and in the 70's on Sunday..... ah Missouri weather you puzzle me.

I used this sketch and my Studio Calico Boardwalk kit.

Happy Labor Day!!!!