Friday, September 30, 2011

Allison 11 months

  • Points at everything
  • Loves to hang upside down
  • Loves to escape during diaper changes
  • Laughs like crazy when you pinch her naked butt while escaping
  • Loves to eat (loves her Mum Mums) not real picky
  • Will try to climb out of the highchair to get to food (no patience waiting for it to cool down)
  • Only nursing morning and night
  • Started the month with not liking formula or milk
  • Drinking milk with yogurt mixed in from a sippy
  • Had a rough beginning of the month with dropping the feedings and a cold
  • Blowing lots of raspberries
  • Loves her big sister
  • Loves Trinity (smiles when she gets to pet her)
  • Standing alone
  • I have seen her take one or two steps here and there
  • Climbing stairs and loves it
  • Big ol belly
  • Will imitate brushing her hair, talking on the phone
This photo was impossible to get, it's not perfect but it is the best I could get by myself.  Allison thought it was pretty funny and was giggling like crazy plus she would not sit still.  I can not believe my baby is almost a year, time flies!  We sure do love her lots!

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