Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Second Child Syndrome

Most of you all know we are expecting!

I already feel like a slacker with this baby, I blogged almost every week from the beginning with Ashley and here I am 25 weeks prego and I am just now getting around to mentioning it on the ol' blog.

In general I am feeling good, glad to be past the first trimester and the morning sickness. I haven't had many crazy food cravings; loving fish, cheery lime-aids and shakes (which are all carry overs from Ashley's pregnancy). The baby and I are measuring big already even though I have not gained very much weight. But just to be safe I have tried to cut down on my carbs/sugars so I pass my glucose test in two weeks. Keep your fingers crossed.

I did not find out what we are having (beside one healthy baby) at either of my two ultrasounds, but Dave knows. He really really wanted to know so I let him find out the sex of the baby. I have not really bugged him to spill the beans (because I am okay with not knowing) but everyone else sure is pressuring him to tell. Especially Ashley, she promises she can keep a secret (yeah right).

We are excited, I can't believe I am three months away from having a new baby. It goes by so slow but then again so fast.

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