Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ashley 5.5 years

  • Always asks us if we know the shortcut not the longcut when we are driving somewhere
  • Struggles with number recognition (anything above 5 she just guesses)
  • Still rubbing her belly button
  • Currently playing fall soccer
  • Really really really wants to learn to shoot a bow and arrow
  • Is growing out her bangs
  • Loves being read to before bedtime (but not interested in reading yet)
  • Loves having a song before bedtime (usually My Favorite Things)
  • Is a great big sister
  • "Yeah for real" is a statement of choice
  • Lucky to be alive after she rolled her eyes at David
  • Picky picky eater, dinner time is always a struggle
  • Mom's sous chef in the kitchen
  • Learning numbers, patterns, C,O and G sounds in Kindergarten
  • Will leave pieces of paper all around with her name, letters, stick people, etc on them
  • Constantly asking how to spell something so she can write it
  • Loves popcorn
  • She might hate me for this.. still a bed wetter at night
  • "Thinks" she has a loose tooth
All in all she is a great kid and we love her to pieces!!!!

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