Thursday, January 12, 2012

Allison 14 months

I have not done an update in awhile and Allison seems to be really changing so I thought I would get some thoughts down.

  • Waves bye bye
  • Claps
  • Loves to dance (bounces, spins and waves her hands in the air)
  • Words - mama, dada, dog, uh-oh, hi
  • Will imitate the moo sound
  • Can find her belly and nose
  • Transitioning to one nap a day (usually around 2 hours)
  • Drinks from a straw, cup or beer can (but mostly her sippy)
  • Loves to brush her teeth before bed
  • Sleeps 8PM to 7 AM
  • Wearing 18 month clothes
  • size 4 diapers
  • Going to a daycare four days a week (no more nanny)
  • Threw a full out fit last week (head throwing, rolling on the floor, etc.)
  • Loves to do whatever her big sis or the big kids are doing
  • Still a fairly quite laid back kid 
  • Lots of thick hair
  • Did great with Grandma and Grandpa M over New Years while we traveled to a wedding
  • Attached to her mommy
  • Breaking out on her tummy (she has my skin)
  • Loves to read books/turn pages
  • Does fairly well playing by herself for short periods of time
  • Will give me snuggles in the morning when I wake her up
  • 4 upper teeth, 3 lower and is getting her two molars on top
More on Allison's fit.... WOW.  Nothing about last week was normal for Allison, she was going to daycare for the first time all day and we spent every night at the hospital with Dave's mom.  She was also transitioning to one nap and was not sleeping very much.  Sadly we were those people.... if people were staring they didn't have kids, if people were laughing well they have kids.  It all came down in the hospital cafeteria and it was a doozy.  I didn't think my sweet baby had it in her but I guess she does.

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