Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Allison 16 months

  • Started running
  • Climbing
  • No fear of dogs (loves to hug them)
  • Prefers mommy
  • Got her first haircut
  • Has 6 upper teeth and five lower
  • Cranky from teething
  • Wearing 18 month clothes, size 4 shoe, size 4 diaper
  • Saying mama, dada, dog, uh-oh
  • Loves to wave bye bye
  • Loves to be outside... playing, swinging, sliding, riding her 4-wheeler
  • Loves to do what big sister is doing
  • Loves to scribble on paper with markers, crayon, pens
  • Using a spoon and fork fairly well
  • Loves chocolate (keep the m&m's away)
  • Brushes her teeth
  • Loves to knock a tower of blocks over
  • Loves to bring you a book to read and sit on your lap (for .2 seconds)
  • Hitting and face grabbing
It is amazing to watch this little girl grow.. she is not baby anymore.  I love her to pieces!

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  1. Loves to chew on markers too! She was very colorful this past weekend :)