Monday, December 3, 2012

Allison Joy 2 years old

  • Loves her big sister to pieces and copies what ever Ashley is doing (you can see her look at Ashley and then repeat what she just did)
  • Bugs her big sister to pieces
  • Everything is mine (most annoying is the my mommy fighting between Ashley and Allison)
  • Loves books, baby dolls, Lego Duplo blocks and tractors
  • Starting to ask why when you tell her something (really already?????)
  • Learning her colors (most things are blue)
  • Still naps two hours in the afternoon
  • Sleeping in her crib with the crib door open and the bedroom door closed
  • Says please and thank you
  • Seems to be left handed
  • Loves milk and asks for it all the time
  • Is demanding if you don't answer her right away (MOM!)
  • Loves chocolate, candy, anything sweet
  • Is a so so eater, loves fruit the most
  • Has an awesome vocabulary
  • Running, jumping, kicking, climbing, dancing
  • Has the best belly laugh
  • Attending daycare four days a week and hates drop off
  • Entertaining the idea of potty training (she will go if you set her on the potty but is not to telling us she needs to go just yet)
  • Loves to look at photos on my phone (can navigate through the gallery like a pro)
Most of all I love this little girl to pieces.  She can drive me crazy but I enjoy her more and more everyday.

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