Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rainbow Trout

These scanned absolutely horrible because of the flowers.  This layout is from the same Creating Keepsakes class as my last layout!  They taught us how to make the flower are part of the class, we all had a ball stepping on the flower to flatten them out.  Apparently I didn't smash enough because they come off the page a lot.

Dave bought a Groupon to Mountain Springs Trout Park in Highlandville, MO.  So one Sunday after church we headed down there to catch some dinner.  They gave the girls poles and some bait (raw chicken) and set them loose.  We ended up catching four fish for a little over nine pounds.  Ashley got the big catch of the day with an almost 5 pounder AND she caught it on Allison's Snoopy pole.  All the other people (men) there were quite jealous.  The trout baked up beautiful for dinner and everyone had a great day!

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