Tuesday, June 9, 2015

St. Pat's 2014

St. Pat's is a sacred holiday in this household.  St. Patrick is the patron saint of engineers so we like to celebrate it with lots of beer...makes sense...right?  Tradition is that we head to Ann and Tim's house in Columbia where a bunch of college buddies all meet up.  THIS WAS OUR LAST YEAR (in Columbia).  Ann and Tim purchased a farm and have moved there!  So on Saturday we headed out to the farm an rode four wheelers all day.  We were blessed with a beautiful blue sky day!  The memories of Columbia will live on and so will the St. Pat's celebrations.

Sorry the blog has been quite 1) It's summer and the days are longer so we are outside more and 2) I have been working on my project life album for the month of May.  More to come.

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