Thursday, November 5, 2015

Float Trip

Last summer we took the big kids on their first ever float trip. We decided to do the Black River versus the Current River since you could do a shorter float and the Black does not have as fast a current.  It was a beautiful day and I think everyone had fun...well except for maybe Abby.  I will never forget the look Abby gave me on this trip!  We were bungeed three wide and Abby and I were in the front on the outside.  We were coming into a turn in the river that we were going to have to paddle hard thru to keep form being pushed into the cliff.  As I was instructing Abby to row she looked at me in full terror and screamed "We're going to die!".  We weren't really in any danger and of course we made it thru with no problems.  The best part Megan was sitting on a cooler behind us munching on cheese puffs like nothing was going on.  Love those kiddos!

I wish we could have gone this year also, but weekends are hard to come by in the summer.  Look out 2016 WE ARE COMING BACK!!!

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