Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

It was a busy weekend.

Thursday night we headed down to the lake to winterize the boat, jet-ski and house. We got most everything accomplished on Friday.

Saturday was a very full day. We started the morning off heading over to the other side of the lake so Dave could test drive a boat. On the way Ashley got car sick. Yep I didn't have a towel or anything to clean it up. A nice gas station on the way donated four hand towels to the effort, THANKS! I didn't have a set of clean clothes either. So after a quick stop at Target to grab a new outfit, we made it to the marina. I didn't have a life jacket for Ashley so Ashely and I did some marina exploring while we waited. Dave must have really liked the boat because we bought it. We are now proud owners of a 27' Sea Ray (I will add a photo once I get them from Dave.)

After heading back and quickly cleaning the house we headed back home and over to Illinois for my Uncle Gary's 60th birthday party!

Sunday we spent the morning at Thies Farms Pumpkin Land.

It turned out to be a beautiful day and Ashley really enjoyed all the fun stuff to do. It was great to see her do everything on her own (in the past we did everything with her). The first time she climbed up the slide to go down I had to go retrieve her, she said she just liked the view and wanted to stay up there and watch everyone. So later we both went down together and then she was ready to try it all by herself!
This year she even tried the rope swings by herself!

She really really wanted to ride the tractor, but the farm tour tractor line was really long and the mud caked on the wheels of the pick your own pumpkins tractors was thick. So we promised her she could ride on Grandpa Millie's tractor instead (add go to Springfield to the to do list!). So we picked up some pumpkins off the carts and headed home with a few more treasures thanks to our pirate!

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