Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Recap

It is hard to do a post without pictures. We had a full weekend and I had my camera but did I take any pictures? NO! Oh well.

We headed to the Schmidt's home in Columbia for the weekend. Friday night Ann and Tim had a "You bring it, we'll fry it" party. The guys fried chicken, venison, mushrooms, cheese, Hot Pockets, mini tacos, hush puppies and probably allot more I didn't see. Most of it was edible... I did not try the Hot Pockets. Then the guys took Chad out for his Bachelor party. I didn't get much details, but Chad woke up at 11 AM on Saturday, ate, then took a nap, so it must have been a good party!

Saturday we hit "Chicken Donald's" as Ashely calls it for lunch. Ashley had a break down in the climber, so we spent the rest of the time in the truck cooling off. Abby and Aidan had a great time though! After nap we headed down to the stadium to tailgate before the Mizzou game. It was homecoming weekend, so there were people everywhere and parking was a nightmare. After the third parking garage we finally found a spot. Ann took Ashley and Abby into the game, they stayed thru half time. I think Ashley had a great time, she is still chanting "ZOU" today. Texas killed Mizzou, better luck next time.

Sunday was back home and the rest of the day was a lazy day. I took Dave and Scott to the airport Sunday night for a week in Rhode Island for work. So it's just me and Ashley this week.

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