Monday, October 25, 2010

39.5 weeks

Nothing happening here... At my doctors appointment last Wednesday I had no progress from the week before. Barely 1 cm and the baby is still floating up pretty high. Ugh! To say it nicely I want this baby out! Friday is the day, four days and counting!!!!!

We got the crib hardware, so tonight's plan is to get the crib finally assembled. The only thing left is a little white desk that is being painted by my mother in law. I should be able to take some pictures of the nursery on Wednesday. Stay tuned.

Dave finally said on Sunday that we need to get serious about names. Yeah you think so. We still haven't discussed it though. I do have my short list ready. Ashley has names all picked out too. Coconut Dave for a boy and Kenzie for a girl. Interesting choice for the boy name :)

Is it Friday yet?

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