Monday, April 25, 2011

We need an Ark!

It has been raining here non stop since yesterday morning. I emptied out my rain gauge tonight, it was spilling over. It had 8 1/2 inches in it and I had last emptied it on Friday. Wow that's a lot of rain. The roads are slowly become small lakes. I am concerned how I am going to get into town tomorrow morning to get Ashley to school. So if anyone has an ark they aren't using, please send it my way!

I really have been uninspired with my scrapbooking this past week. I have wanted to do some layouts but every time I sit down... I get nothing. Not sure what it is, but I did manage these layouts this past week.
This was a quick one, a layout from Embellish Its Latest and Greatest class at CKC St. Louis last year.
Just a quick layout to remember one of the neatest men I have ever know. I was so lucky to learn from Hubert and become his friend. He was always great with Ashley and she loved to go pick up work from him with me. We miss you Hudy!

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