Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gulf Shores 2013

Day 1 Friday July 5

  • 7:45 AM we rolled out of Rogersville heading South
  • Amazingly the kids did great, the bigs and James in the van, the littles in the Traverse
  • The Traverse (Susan and Chris' car) gave us problems right from the start with a check engine light
  • Our first stop for lunch and the Traverse would not start....but we jiggled the right parts and got it started
  • We made it to the hotel in Moline, AL by 7:00 PM
  • Rainy weather the last three hours of the trip
Day 2 Saturday July 6
  • Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, AL (rainy weather)
  • USS Alabama Battleship and USS Drum submarine tours
  • The Traverse would not shift out of first gear leaving the park
  • The guys manually shifted the gears to get to a Chevy dealership in Foley, AL
  • We have a rental car
  • We made it to the beach!  Our condo is awesome... right on the beach with awesome views
  • Pizza for Dinner
  • Hannah is throwing up
  • The guys have a bone to pick with the security guard
Basically we are off to a very rough start....God help us!

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