Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gulf Shores Part 2

Day 3 Sunday July 7

  • To the beach
  • Red Flag
  • The waves were rocking and rolling
  • Also a little bit of pool swimming
  • Rained around lunch time
  • Steamed shrimp for dinner
  • Scott, Donna and Eric joined us for Dinner
Day 4 Monday July 8
  • The the beach
  • Red Flag
  • Rocking and Rolling again
  • Raining off and on
  • The Blue Angles entertained us by flying along the beach
  • The Oyster House for dinner with the Turners
  • Everyone enjoyed their meal!
  • Alabama State Park Pier
  • Allison wanted to touch every fish the fishermen were catching
  • The girls got to see a pretty big king mackerel

Day 5 Tuesday July 9
  • National Naval Aviation Museum
  • Lots and lots of planes
  • Pensacola Lighthouse (just pictures, nobody wanted to climb to the top)
  • The the beach
  • No flags!!!!!!
  • The ocean was so calm, the girls loved being out there just chilling
  • Ashley had a blast body boarding
  • Pool time!  (Allison is a water fool, she loves jumping off the side and going underwater)
  • Pioneer Woman brisket for dinner!
  • Chris has been sick and slept most of the day

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