Thursday, August 15, 2013

2nd grader

Back to School! Ashley started the second grade today.  I can’t believe we have a second grader in the house, it seems just like yesterday she was starting kindergarten.

Ashley at 7.5 years
  •   Loves to swim (swimming without a life jacket in the pool, swimming underwater, jumping off the high dive)
  •  Learning to water ski (mastered the tube and tried knee boarding)
  • Reading chapter books (Junie B Jones is a favorite)
  •  Favorite TV show is Full House
  • Loves gymnastics (cartwheels, handstands, back bends all by herself, just moved up one level)
  • Whines (ugh!)
  • Helps her Dad in the garden
  • Plays fairly well with her sister (but they have their moments)
  • Chores include setting the table, dishes to the dishwasher, collecting trash, taking out the recyclables, gather laundry and helping sort, fold socks, feed Trinity
  • Girl Scout Brownie
  • Wants her hair long (no cutting allowed)
  •  Doesn't listen (does this ever stop???)
  • Loves crab legs, salmon, steak (high dollar foods!)
  • Best friends are Aidan and Abby

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