Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Daily 2009 - Day Two

I didn't even make day two... see this is why I am trying this electronically and not the traditional scrapbook way. I would just have another unfinished project to add to my list (kind of like the St. Pat's album from two years ago I still have not finished). So here goes...

Every year before Christmas I make a hair appointment, so do allot of other people because it is always hard to get appointments this time of year. I made myself an appointment (for later this month) and today we got Ashley's hair trimmed up. Why is it that she sits there so nice and does a great job and if I try to style her hair it is like trying to wrangle a greased pig? Now that we have the hair checked off the list we need to work on Christmas photos!
The happy girl after her haircut and style.
Modeling the cute style. My baby girls hair is up! How did this happen? At her first birthday see still had peach fuzz.... they grow so fast.

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