Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Opinion

Jay Leno vs Conan
I have never ever liked Conan and Leno has always been okay (but the better of the two in my book). It sucks that Leno's new show didn't make it, I would watch randomly and it was always funny and fresh. I am sure NBC has a good handle on the ratings and knows where Leno needs to be. Yeah to NBC for pushing back Conan. Have you watched his show? I tried once and it was bad... really really bad. I even tried to switch and watch the Letterman show (which I used to love) but he has really gotten stuck and nothing was new and funny. Also I really really hated the "things better than reading Sarah Palin's book" feature, that definitely got me to turn the channel quickly.

Mark McGwire
Yep I still LOVE him. As part of the agreement with the Cardinals to be our hitting coach he was required to address the steroids issue. The timing was great... nothing really going on in the baseball world and the air will be clean before the team reports for spring training. So what he used steroids, he still did allot for baseball and made 1998 a year I will never forget. If you had half a brain you knew this long ago and this was just a formality. The part that really sucks is that he will never make it into the hall of fame. GO CARDS!!! and yes highway 70 should still bear his name!

American Idol and Simon Cowell
To watch or not to watch? After last season (which I think really sucked... can you even remember who won?) I am seriously considering not watching this season. Some shows just run their course. Plus the whole Ellen factor kinda scares me... do I really want to listen to her jokes and what constructive input can she really give? Did you see her as a guest judge on SYTYCD? It was not good, basically all about her and her jokes, nothing about the dancing.
I am sad to hear Simon leaving after this season, he really makes the show for me. Honest and tells it like it is. I am curious to watch his new show X Factor, I hope it is not like Americas Got Talent because I could never get into that show.

So what do you think?

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  1. I think I totally agree with you on Conan...aside from the fact that I detest him and his show I cannot really see how NBC would not move him. After all they are in business to get viewers and ratings and an article I read showed that Conan has only about half the viewers that Leno had. So how long should a network carry him to "establish himself".
    McGuire....I will not say much. I think you reap what you sow and he probably does not deserve to be in the hall of fame considering the steroid use.
    ....And I dread watching Ellen on AI. Really what does she bring to the table??? She is not in the industry and I cannot imagine her being very much of an asset to the contestants or the show! She annoyed the heck out of me on SYTYCD...she is all about promoting herself and trying to be funny. Is that really what Idol is about...thought it was a singing contest and wonder what her purpose would be.

    OK sorry so long of a comment!