Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years

No I am not dead....seems like it when you neglect your blog... but I have been spending time with some of my most favorite ladies...
Good times were had by all! Here is my recipe for a good time...
  • 15 adults, 8 kids, 8 dogs
  • Two lake homes
  • One long weekend
  • Lots of beer
  • Lots of margaritas
  • Champagne toast at midnight to ring in the New Year
  • Scott passing out on the couch
  • Lots of food (chili, honey baked ham, guac, salsa, southwest dip)
  • Lots of sweets (chocolate cake, cookies, carmelitas)
  • Deep fried goodness (turkey, cheese curds, pork rinds... so good but oh so bad)
  • Watching the movie "The Hangover"
  • The men shooting trap
  • The women shopping (and no coach purses were bought, simply a miracle)
  • Steak dinner (without kids)
  • Babysitters!
  • Hollywood Dolly's (and really cheap bear)
  • Boat races (even though the boys won)
  • Lots of snow
  • The men excited to help with car removal (Pollard tearing the crotch out of his pants)
  • Casey's mad car driving skills
  • Casey getting excited about visiting Illusions
  • Meeting Greg for the first time
  • Broken dishwasher
Throw it all together with the most awesome friends and you are guaranteed a great time!

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