Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park

We arrived yesterday in Estes Park Colorado for a week of vacation with the Cowan family. We are staying at a lovely home right at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. The view off the back deck of the house is just awesome, mountains everywhere. The elevation is at 7522 feet alot higher than the 465 feet we are used to in Missouri. The higher altitude does not seem to be bothering me too much other than walking distances or climbing stairs. I just am taking my time and not rushing and it seem to be working great.

We started out the day in Rocky Mountain National Park. We took the Old Fall River Road, a one lane road, up the mountain to the Alpine visitors center. Then we took the Trail Ridge Road back down. At one point we were at the highest point in the park at 12,183 feet. Wow it was absolutely amazing, we were surrounded by mountains. The temperature was nice and cool, about 60-70 degrees. We were so high we were actually above the tree line. We also saw two packs of Elk in the park. I have pictures just not with me right now, but I promise to add some as the week goes on.

Other things to remember (to make my future scrapbooking easy)
  • Ashley pinching her hand in the closet door (major drama)
  • Kaitlin throwing up at the Alpine visitors center (probably from altitude sickness)
  • Jamie suffering real bad from altitude sickness (tingling arms, quick pulse, dizziness)
  • "the book says the only cure is to go down!"
  • Me freaking out about the drops off the side of the road (I guess the park service does not believe in guard rails)
  • Chris' new love of photography
  • Lots of prairie dogs
  • Seeing a pack of elk minutes from the house
  • Seeing two deer out the front windows
  • Picnic lunch at Irene Lake on the continental divide
  • Ashley throwing up after Kaitlin feed her a vitamin

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