Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ashley at 4 1/2

(not the best photo, but it's current)
  • Asks in-depth questions (no more just why?)
  • Loves the front wheeler (4 wheeler)
  • Still loves to sing (can turn almost anything into a song)
  • Is into pretend play (loves her doll house and all the people)
  • Loves to be read to (especially at bed time)
  • Sneaks into our bed in the middle of the night
  • Fairly good eater (some meals are good some bad)
  • Picky eater (not willing to try new foods)
  • Hates to go to school and hates to leave school (go figure)
  • Not a morning person
  • Still wants hot milk when she wakes up
  • Weighs a little under 40 lbs (wants to be in a booster seat real bad)
  • Attends Pre-K at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (4 days)
  • Trying to beat her nap (still naps at home but not at school)
  • Turned into a fish at the lake this summer
  • Can write her first name
  • Is learning her letters, days of the week
  • Can count to 20
  • 1st chore - setting the table for dinner
  • Loves her new cousin Hannah
  • Says her best friend is Riley (misses her dearly)
  • Excited about the new baby, always wants to know what the baby is saying
  • Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn
  • Wants a bow like Daddy
  • Really into Space (thanks Uncle Chris) and Dinosaurs

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