Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ashley's First Day of School

Monday was Ashley's first full day of school. Technically school started last week but we were on vacation so she started a week late (oops!). We had visited the school for an ice cream social/meet the teacher night. After that she was pretty excited, there were kids everywhere and lots of new toys to play with in her classroom. We couldn't get her to leave. We also visited her classroom for an open house before we left for vacation, where the kids went with the teachers aide while her teacher went over a few things with the parents. So this was not the first time there.

Drop off was easy, she went right in and started playing, didn't even really say goodbye to me. When I picked her up she skipped out. Overall I think she enjoyed herself, just a couple of issues with nap time. She is not taking naps in the afternoon even though they lay down for an hour on cots. I hope she gets into the routine soon, because if not I will never get to see her. She fell asleep last night on the way home and slept thru til this morning (even missed dinner). I don't know if she just doesn't want to miss something, but I hope she gets some shut eye soon. Only a couple of crying moments from her about not wanting to nap and a few I want to go to Nicky's.

Here is the best 1st day picture, typical Ashley she didn't want her picture taken.

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  1. OH my gosh! Ashley is such a big girl now!!! Oh she's so darn cute! And I see your pregnant! Congratulations... that is SO exciting! Not sure if you're planning on a session with your new little one, but Fresh Art Photography in the St. Lou area is WONDERFUL! :)