Monday, January 31, 2011

Allison 3 months

At three months you:
  • are a big time drooler
  • are a spit up queen (lots more than you sister)
  • had a cold most of the past month, but you are a trooper and it really hasn't effected your mood
  • started sitting in the Bumbo, but sometimes you don't like it and straighten up almost popping yourself out
  • hold your hands over your head when nursing, sometime holding onto your hair
  • Still nursing every two to three hours during the day
  • Sleep thru the night (usually 9 to 10 hours), love that!
  • Doing great with head control and will tolerate tummy time for about 5 minutes
  • Wearing 3-6 month clothes, but still in some 3 month sleepers
  • Nickname is Big-um
  • Give us big smiles
  • love to play Patty Cake
  • put yourself to sleep, really don't like being held if you are tired
  • still sleeping in our room
  • love to be swaddled at night
  • love to follow your sister around with your eyes and give her big smiles
  • tolerate being held (in various positions usually for two seconds each) by your sister
  • doing great with the nanny while mommy works
  • not into a great schedule yet, but we are working on it (still doing eat, play, sleep)
We are starting to see your great personality, love you lots baby girl!

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