Thursday, June 30, 2011

Allison 8 months

  • Crawling (started out with a combo army crawl/crawl... looked like and inch worm)
  • One bottom tooth
  • Waving
  • Saying Da da and Ma
  • Always happy to see Ashley
  • Has become more vocal (lots of squawking, talking, laughing)
  • Swam in the Lake (loved it, lots of kicking)
  • Swam in the Pool (loved it, lots of splashing with her hands)
  • Still loves puffs (baby crack)
  • Eating lots (beef casserole, chicken and sweat potatoes, corn, yogurt, grapes, watermelon)
  • Loves playing with Erin the Nanny
  • sleep on your tummy
  • more red headed everyday
  • loves baths
  • Starting to be shy (will turn her head into Mom's shoulder)
  • Still nursing every 2-3 hours (I want my body back so this might change real soon)
  • Wearing 12 month clothes (9 months are getting boxed up)
  • Chubby legs
  • Loves Mom best (starting to get separation anxiety)
  • Very curious little girl, will whip her head around to see what is going on
  • Ashley's nickname: Chubs, chubster
  • Daddy's nickname: Big-um
  • Mommy's nickname: Misses Joy
  • Loves to play poor old horse goes so slow
  • Enjoys being read too at bedtime
  • On the move (as noted below)
Your a cutie Allison... we love ya!

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