Thursday, July 28, 2011

Allison Joy 9 Months

  • Crawling everywhere and really really fast
  • Pulling up on everything
  • Will let go and stand for a few seconds
  • Has started cruising the furniture
  • Can cluck her tongue
  • Sleeping in her crib at night
  • Most nights sleeps 8PM to 6:30 AM
  • Fights nap time (still taking 3-4 smaller naps)
  • Loves finger foods now (grapes, mac n cheese, cheese)
  • Still lots of giggles with Ashley
  • Loves being in the lake and the swimming pool
  • Started standing while taking baths (hates me making her sit)
  • Wearing all 12 month clothes
  • Approx. 20 pounds
  • Size 3 Pampers
  • Had hand mouth foot disease this month (I thought it was chicken pox at first)
  • Her hair is getting lots thicker
  • Knows her name
  • Loves Mommy, definitely some separation anxiety going on
  • Loves to push buttons (not my patience, but she can do that too)
  • Will put anything in her mouth (even rocks)
  • Still a real quiet baby, doesn't babble a lot
  • Is hard to win over
  • Loves straws
  • Just switched over to a a big girl car seat
  • Has the best laugh/giggle I have ever heard
We still love ya lots little girl!

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