Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Ashley has become so much more daring when it comes to new things. Add tubing to her list of things she now loves. A couple of weekends ago I had to jump in the tube and have her ride on my lap just to get her used to the idea. Then we pulled her and Megan back to the dock at idle speed. Well this past weekend she started out slow and then gradually went to full out fast. Big big smiles. She has already learned the thumbs up signal for faster. David actually tired out of pulling her before her and Alex were ready to quit. We won't talk about the mommy feelings you get when your watching your daughter being pulled 25 mphs behind a boat.

On another note... she asked for her own phone this morning. WHAT! already! please your only 5. Holy tomoly! But Mom Dallas has one. (I need to verify this one because that is just WOW if it is true). Ay yi yi

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