Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ashley's Halloween Party

Ashley's preschool had a Halloween Party last Thursday. Here she is with her class and teacher. Ashley is the mermaid. Lots of boys in her class, there are only three girls (I remember the opposite when I was in grade school). I think she had a great time, they played a couple of games (pumpkin bowling, ball toss, bingo), made a jack-o-lantern craft and had a snack.

The best part was when the two classes came together to sing. All the songs were Halloween themed (I'm not going to eat to much junk to The Hi Ho the Dairy-O song). It was so cute watching them belt out the songs and there was some dancing too. When the songs first started it was lots of different words/songs going until the kids caught on to what they were singing. They are lucky, Ashley's teacher plays the guitar. I wish I would have gotten some video, but I could not figure out the camera. I will have it figured out by the Thanksgiving program so I can share.

I volunteered to make a "treat". I made monster claws and I think they went over great. The kids loved them and it was better than candy. I even got to add a scrapbooking flair. I made the tags!

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