Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sea of Red

Today we went to N. G. Heimos Greenhouses in Millstadt for their Christmas open house. Can you imagine 25 acres of greenhouses with poinsettias everywhere? It was huge and very impressive, I can not even imagine how many poinsettias they were growing, but Dave and I guessed at 1 million. There were probably about 30 different varieties too. The scientist in me was amazed at the computer system that controlled everything down to temperature, lighting and humidity.
This picture kind of gives you an idea on how big it was, this row went on forever and it was just one of many. Ashley's favorite part was the free cookies and St. James Children's choir.
So pretty!

The rest of the weekend was pretty laid back, I did lots of laundry, raked more leaves and had a ladies night at Archivers (more on my completed pages later). Dave and I also visited the new Costco, it is pretty much the same as our local Sam's, so for now we did not join.

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