Monday, November 16, 2009

On my phone

On my last post, I added a photo I had taken with my phone which made me think to add some of the other random things I have saved in my photos. So here goes.

Trinity at the lake... on our bed looking out the window. Now I no longer wonder how dog nose got on the TOP of my window.
Ashley and Aidan at the lake... singing.
Work photo. One of the warehouses I built by the airport is having a water ponding problem (read goose poop problem) and I got to climb up a 30 foot ladder to investigate.

Ashley on vacation in Michigan trying on shoes. Susan and I actually bought a pair but these orange Crocs did not come home with us.

Another lake photo... Ashley and Abby playing at Captain Ron's beach. The girls love this place and ask to go there CONSTANTLY.

Just a few of the more interesting photos, hope you enjoyed a peek into my Palm Pre.

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