Monday, November 9, 2009

The Last Hurrah

This weekend was awesome, it almost made it to the 80's and it's November!!!

We headed to the lake this weekend to get this;
Our new boat a Sea Ray 270 SLX
It was soooo nice this weekend that we actually got to use it, but it will be winterized today and we will have to wait til next year to really enjoy it.

Funny story: When we exchanged the boats Ashley was with the Resnik's so she didn't really see us leaving it somewhere. Well we forgot to give them the keys so I had to run those over the next day. Ashley was with me... and when she saw the old boat she broke into tears. She did not want me to leave it, she wanted it back, wanted to know if they were fixing it, overall VERY upset. Ahhhh. She still thinks we are getting it back and she wants Aidan to have it. This one has the same sleeping charm as the old boat, she fell asleep within minutes on the maiden voyage!

Other than some boating the rest of the weekend was all leaves, leaves, leaves (and some relaxing too). Hope everyone enjoyed their last hurrah before the cold sets in!

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