Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Allison 10 months

  • Crawling fast
  • Cruising the furniture
  • Standing alone
  • Will walk between two really close stationary objects
  • Will stand up and then throw herself at you
  • Climbing stairs
  • Can ring the bell on her radio flyer scooter and is so so proud of herself
  • Has become a lot more vocal
  • Mama and Dada are her only words
  • Big belly laughs
  • Two top teeth have come in
  • Busy month of travel North Outer Banks, NC and Chicago, IL
  • First long rode trip (she did great)
  • First ocean swim (she loved it)
  • First plane flight (she did great)
  • First bachelorette party
  • Self feeding almost all the time now (except for yogurt, applesauce and the like)
  • STILL nursing
  • Won't take formula or cows milk from a sippy
  • Will drink water from a sippy
  • Two naps (morning and afternoon)
  • Clingy to mom
  • Size 3 diapers
  • Size 12 month clothing
  • Wearing some 18 month sleepers... they are so long on her
  • Loves loves loves splashing water (bath, pool, lake, dog bowl)
  • 19 lbs, 28 in
My baby is gone... now I have a crawler and soon to be walker. We love her to pieces!!!

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