Thursday, August 11, 2011


Tuesday August 9
  • North Carolina Aquarium
  • Ashley loved the exhibit where they helped rescue a sea turtle (hers had a stomach impaction and she had to administer a laxative and an enema)
  • Fort Raleigh National Historical Site and the Lost Colony (Ashley earned a Junior Ranger Badge)
  • Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo
  • Lunch at Full Moon Cafe and Brewery
  • Back to the house to Swim
  • Dinner at the house, Chris made brats
Dave didn't feel right after dinner and went to bed early. He pretty much spent the whole night in the bathroom. We still are not sure if it was food poisoning or some kind of virus. Susan woke up Wednesday morning not feeling to good either. She spent all day Wednesday in the bathroom. Dave and Susan pretty much spent the whole day Wednesday crashed out and with in 10 feet of a toilet.

Wednesday August 10
  • Currituck Beach Lighthouse (Wayne, Jamie, Jennifer, Ashley, Kaitlin and Allison)
  • Lunch in Duck, NC (I don't think I ever caught the name.... but I had shrimp and grits.... and oh my god it was so so good. I am learning to make this at home! YUM!)
  • Back to the house to care for the sickly
  • Dinner at the house, leftovers
  • Jamie's Birthday.... we had cake!
  • Jamie, Ashley and Kaitlin swimming after dinner
Thursday August 11
  • Bodie Lighthouse
  • Cape Hatteras National Seashore
  • Van dies
  • Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
  • Many many stops to change the fuse
  • Late late lunch at Kill Devil Hills Shakes and Fries
  • Hanging at the house
  • More leftovers for dinner, plus some cooked shrimp
We drove almost one hour from the Bodie Lighthouse to get to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, right as we were about to turn onto the road leading to the lighthouse Dave's parents van died. We all pushed it to the side of the road. We tried jumping it, putting in oil, lots of little tricks, finally the guys figured out it was a fuse. It got it running but it wasn't right, something to do with the oxygen sensors. We have it scheduled to be in the shop tomorrow morning. I hope it gets fixed tomorrow for the long drive home on Saturday.

Susan just left to go to urgent care, she is still not feeling very well. Dave is much better but still not 100%. All he has eaten all day is a milk shake.

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  1. Wow - and I thought our vacations had drama! I think you guys topped it.