Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I wrote this while still on vacation but Blogger was not liking me that day so I am posting it now. I need to follow up about our trip home in the next post.... Did we make it?

Friday August 12

  • Go-Karts (Dave and Ashley versus Chris and Kaitlin)
  • Lunch at the house
  • Beach!!!
  • Pizza for dinner

The beach was awesome today, the ocean was a lot warmer and it was overcast. The girls played and played in the sand. Someone before us had dug a hole and they played in that hole most of the time.

Susan and Dave feel much better. Dave even was drinking beer today, a sure sign he is fine. Susan is still running slower than normal.

I also forgot to mention that there is a great dismal swamp on fire close to the Virgina North Carolina border. If the wind is blowing right the smoke is everywhere and it stinks. On Tuesday when we woke up we thought someone was burning trash... but the further we drove away from the house we knew it had to be something else. It was real smoky again on Thursday.

The van is also back in commission... I am not sure they really know what was wrong with it. Let's hope it makes it back to Missouri!

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