Monday, August 8, 2011

North Outer Banks Vacation

Thursday August 4
  • We started our vacation after work
  • Made it to my parents (In Illinois) for an overnight stay
Friday August 5
  • Started the long drive at 8 AM
  • Off the road at almost 11 PM
  • Allison did great, she slept most of the way
  • Ashley rode in Grandma and Grandpa's van
  • We made it to Greensboro, NC
Saturday August 6
  • We make it to the Outer Banks
  • Drove thru lots and lots of rain
  • Traffic is crazy trying to get onto the islands
  • We swam at the house pool as soon as we got here
  • Even though it was raining
  • Shrimp dinner at home
  • Grocery shopping (Wayne was with in $2 of the total)
Sunday August 7
  • On the beach first thing
  • Allison loved it
  • Ashley really loved it
  • Sand castle building
  • Riding the waves, it was cold!
  • Back to the house and to the pool
  • Water wars with the squirt guns
  • Dinner at Rundown Diner
  • Bailey's Ice Cream for Desert
Monday August 8
  • Wright Brothers National Memorial
  • Chris, Susan, Ashley and Kaitlin made the long hike up the dune
  • Ashely and Kaitlin got Jr. Ranger badges
  • Lunch at High Cotton BBQ
  • Swimming at the pool
  • Dinner at home (steaks, corn and salad)
  • Making fun of Wayne's cell phone ringer

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