Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 December Daily: Day 1

Welcome December!  I am again doing an Ali Edwards style December Daily album.  This is my fourth year (2009 blog only, 2011 album and 2012 album).  I am planning on using the Studio Calico kit plus bits and pieces from my own collection.  I did not do any foundation pages early, I just plan on picking and choosing as I go.  That has worked for me in the past and I hope it does this year too.  Last year I did a two page spread for everyday and this year I am just going to go with the flow and pick based on the number of photo/stories.  I do have all my "stuff" pulled together in one place to make it easy to go and I can't forget my Selphy photo printer which is the main reason I can stay on top of this project.  So here we go.....
Yesterday was a travel day coming home from St. Louis.  David's family and the Wiseman family have been celebrating the Thanksgiving weekend for years and years in St. Louis.  All the ladies and kids enjoyed the beautiful weather on Saturday at the St. Louis Zoo. Oh boy do I miss having this great free attraction in my backyard.  The animals were out in full force and the kiddos ran the whole time we were there.  We capped the night off with a steak dinner at Clancy's Irish Pub.

When we got home Ashley only asked me 10,000 times if we could open up the advent calendar.  I only made her wait a little.  Ashley and Allison seem to be excited about the pending Christmas holiday.

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