Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 December Daily: Day 7

I am keeping up with the album just falling behind on the blog updates.  My computer decided last night to stop working correctly.  My awesome husband got me all fixed up but it slowed me down.  Also the fact that all this snow had our internet all messed up until they got out to fix it today didn't help either.

Day 7....Dave's mom always kept flowers on the family grave sites which we are trying to continue the tradition.  First up we just need to get the others done too.  It would help if we didn't need to traipse through a foot of snow.  Come on sun!

P.S. Jamie love love loved the sight of prefect snow.  She always wanted to keep her snow free of car tires, kids feet, tracks, etc.  So it made us smile thinking about if she was mad that we had to step in the pretty snow to put flowers on her grave :)

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