Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 December Daily: Days 3&4

Two very non Christmas days.  But I look at this album as documentation of our lives during December and not just a Christmas album.  So I am good with it.  Since not much happened I decided to just put both days together.

Day 3:  Ay Yi Yi our poor puppy is getting old.  Today was Trinity's tenth birthday. We treated her to her second vet visit in a week.  Her right eye has been red and leaky since last week and it just wasn't getting better.  The vet put her under and did a thorough exam of her eye to see if there was anything in there.  There was not and they think she might have glaucoma, which is not a good diagnosis.  We have some drops so hopefully they will help.

Day 4:  Allison's treat to finally being potty trained was gymnastics.  We had been promising it for awhile and she has done great with the potty the last month so off she went.  She did great and followed the coaches directions and somewhat payed attention.  By the end of the class she could do a flip hanging onto the bars all by herself,  she was pretty excited the first time she did it!

ETA:  It seems like I am always tweaking my layouts, adding something here or there.  Well I ended up adding a half of a page protector to the right side so I could add some filler cards.  The little bubble tree is inspired by this layout by Chiara.

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