Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013 December Daily: Day 2

I think my mantra this year is going to be Keep It Simple!  This one came together pretty quick and for that I am thankful.   My picture printed out pretty badly so the next time I print I will probably try again and maybe add a wood speech bubble to the photo.  If I do update I will update this post.
Man do kids have great memories....Ashley came down the stairs this morning inquiring about if the elf came last night.  I guess all the kids at school talk about what their elves have been up to so she wanted to share her story too.  Allison found it first and then went and got Ashley.  There was lots of jumping up and down and giggles.  It was pretty sweet listening to Ashley tell Allison the story of the elf and about his magic.  I wonder what Dave is going to get into this year?

ETA:  I updated my elf photo and added some wood veneer.

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